Cafè Venezia Mix Pack Ground Espresso - 4 Packs of 250 gram

Cafè Venezia


4 packs of 250g each - vacuum packed to preserve the freshness.
All purpose grind coffee suitable for moka, french press and filter coffee

Vittoria 1 pack x 250g:
Super crema with a strong body and very pleasant after note of chocolate and caramel

Ridolfo 1 pack x 250g:
100% arabica coffee
it's the most precious blend rich of extraordinary aromas.

Lisaura 1 pack x 250g:
Medium - Arabica and Robusta
A delicate coffee with balanced flavours.

Leandro 1 pack x 250g:
Strong blend - Arabica and Robusta
A round, persistent flavor with a pleasant hint of dark chocolate.

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