Ambrogio - A Legend in Espresso


Ambrogio e Matteo Pasquini, father and son
ELENA VIPERA - Italo Americano

Bringing authentic Italian caffé in Southern California wasn’t a random nor easy task for Ambrogio Pasquini. He fought hard for it. And he finally made it to the States in 1946, after fighting in the Resistance against the Germans, after seeing Mussolini’s body hung upside down, after being deported twice and after traveling illegally in a trunk.
The first thing Ambrogio ‘Ambrose’ Pasquini realized when he first came to America, almost 70 years ago, was that there was no place to get a good Italian coffee, and so he opened his first espresso caffé in Los Angeles. Since then, he has yet to quit coffee.
Ambrogio’s love for coffee never faded throughout the years. “I have no intention to quit,” says Ambrogio while talking about his daily routine, “I get bored if I do not work” so he still comes to work every day with the same drive and passion from when he first started. Although he clarifies, prior to beginning work every day he drinks his coffee with one of his friends because “You cannot drink a coffee alone, you have to drink it with someone”.
Mister Pasquini knows what most Americans prefer when it comes to coffee, but he is not interested in fulfilling a standardized coffee experience. “American people do not really drink espresso, they prefer volume, while Europeans care more about quality than quantity, although things are changing,” says the Company founder.
Ambrogio and his son truly speak from the heart when it comes to coffee, and their heart is pumped with Pasquini coffee as well: “Coffee is our blood” says Ambrogio’s son, Matteo Pasquini.

Matteo Pasquini continues the Legacy that his father Ambrogio started by naming his new company after him. Ambrogio will continue to be the name in espresso when you want quality. Ambrogio offers quality espresso sales and service of espresso machines and offering mobile espresso catering to local venues for the true Italian espresso experience.