Pasquini Livia 90 & Livia G4 Lower Group Kits



(Group gasket viton o-ring, bell o-ring, doccia screen)

This is for first generation Livia 90 models. These machines were manufactured up until the late 90s and have a serial # under 24,000.  
Note: if your serial # is longer than 5 digits or begins with "LS" or "LA" you need one of the other Kits below. Optional doccia screw available part # L90.0910

(Group gasket, bell o-ring, doccia screen)
This is the most common kit and will be the one used for a majority of Livia 90 models. If you have a machine built in 2000 or newer it will use this kit. For units with serial # 23500 and above. Optional doccia screw available part # L90.0910

(Group gasket high temp soft o-ring, bell o-ring, doccia screen, spacer gasket)
This is the gasket for all Livia G4 models regardless of age. This gasket is also compatible with newer Livia 90 models manufactured from 2005 and newer. This kit requires spacer gasket part # L90.0930. Optional doccia screw available part # L90.0910

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