Flowmeter / Turbine



Item Description: 

The Turbine (flow meter) controls the amount of water that dose out of your group head. This part measures the flow rate of water in your machine. 


Livia 90 and G4 Auto

Symptoms of this part failing:

  1. When pressing your 1-cup or 2-cup & about 5-sec after you will notice the light above will start to flash.
  2. You will also notice that the dosing amount will not stop on its own.

Programming instructions:

  1. Fill the 1-cup filter with ground Espresso, tamp & engage.
  2. Place Espresso cup under the spout.
  3. Press & hold the "Prog/Stop" button until the light turns on, this will put the machine into program mode.
  4. You have 5-sec to start the programming or the machine will reset itself.
  5. If this occurs, repeat the steps again.
  6. Press the 1-cup button to start programming.
  7. When the desired amount is obtained press the "prog/stop" button.
  8. The cup is now set.
  9. Place double-cup filter into portafilter, tamp & engage. Follow the same procedure for the double-cup.

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