Heating Element

Ambrogio Espresso


Heating Element 1200w 110v.

This part rests at the bottom of your boiler with a primary purpose of heating the water

This fits:

Pasquini Livia 90 Auto/Semi

Bezzera BZ07,BZ10, BZ99

Symptoms of failure: 

If you have your unit plugged into a GFI outlet & it keeps tripping OFF, your heating element may have failed.


About every 5 years, Removing Heating Element, decalcified & replacing heating Element seal Oring (part #L90.0421).


Check the Rim of Heating Element to see if there's any Calcium build up around the rim. If this is the case while removing Heating Element Bolts, the H/E Bolts (part #L90.0423) may be corroded or may break off.

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