Heating System Rewire Kit upgrade



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Product Description:

This factory upgrade heating rewire kit controls your pressurestat and prevents the unit from over heating.
Overheating can occur due to the pressurestat and safety relay working together. The safety relay gains control over the pressurestat and other factors maybe the main causes of overheating. With the help of the Rewiring Kit you will remove some some of the pressure and trigger the safety relay to turn on and off. This will decrease the strain on the pressurestat on your machine. 
This part controls your pressurestat and allows the mircoswitch to control your pressure without heavy Amps directed from the heating Element and redirects them to the main Relay. 


Pasquini Livia 90's

Note: This part has already been upgraded in newer units and thus this part is only for Pasquini Livia 90's with serial numbers under #49000 Units with serial number starting with LS or LA already have this upgrade. 

This upgraded part is a must have on your older units.


It is a medium difficulty to install & it comes with instructions.



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