Backflush Disk - Blind Filter



This is a metal disk that is used for backflushing your machine. 


Stainless Steel

Use it with:

G4 series, Livia 90 Semi & Auto , Bezzera Magica and Mitica machines. 

How to use:

Cleaning with puly caff : (Only do once a month)

1. Insert the Stainless Steel Back Flush Disk into portafilter .

2. Fill 1 teaspoon of "puly caff in the portafilter & engage into group

3. Turn on Brewing cycle for 5 seconds. Then Stop. Turn on  Brewing cycle 2nd time for 5 seconds. Than stop again. Let sit inside brewing systems for a minun of 5 minuets. You will notice that foam is coming out your back flush tube. This is when all the cleaning is happening. 

4. After the foam stops turn on brewing cycle again for 3 seconds repeat this 3 time. This will flush out all resedue of cleaning solution and help clean the Group valve (3way valve).

5. Remove the Blind Filter and replace with regular filter. Run group a few times for 5 seconds each to finishing rinsing group head.

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