Vibration Pump



Product Description: 

Vibration pump for Pasquini Livia 90 Auto/Semi, T-2 Livietta and Livietta 80

Symptoms of Failure:

This part rarely goes out but if it does it will completely STOP.

A humming noise will begin and it is important to turn your machine off immediately, this could cause more damage.

Another symptom is the water will dose out your machine very slowly & with low pressure you can only notice this when your Portafilter (L90.1213) is off.

Don't get this symptom confused when the brewing espresso dosing out is slow & low pressure. This could just be due to fine of a grind back it out & try it again.

This part is not complete with out Copper fitting (L90.0701) & Pump Intake Elbow (L90.0702)  

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